Mobile Boat Cleaning

If you’re searching for “boat detailing near me”, “mobile boat detailing”, or “pontoon detailing” near Phoenix, Arizona, Marathon Auto Detailing can help! We provide mobile BOAT detailing in many areas of the Phoenix, AZ Valley including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Surprise, Carefree, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, Glendale, New River, and more.

We come to your location with the most effective detailing products and the highest-end equipment in the field. Plus a positive attitude! (Gloves and masks will be worn by all technicians to avoid spreading COVID) What has made us successful is our hard work and attentiveness to detail. Let’s not forget the fact that we use only the best chemicals for your vehicle! UV Protecting. Surface safe products.

What is Boat Detailing?

Boat detailing is similar to car detailing. Generally speaking, detailing makes your boat look cleaner and newer. Boat detailing, also known as boat cleaning, is required to restore your boat to like-new condition. Typical boat detailing procedures include:

  • Washing the bottom of the boat
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Engine cleaning
  • Bilge cleaning
  • Hull detailing
  • Hard water spot removal
  • Oxidation removal
  • Leather shampoo and conditioning
  • Radar Arch
  • Stain prevention on carpet
  • Clay bar, wax, polish
  • Scratch removal

How Much Does Boat Detailing Cost?

Boat Detailing Cost

Sources say that boat detailing costs about $8 to $40 per foot depending on specific needs. Boat detailing prices average about $24 per foot in the US for 2021.

According to MobileTechRX, “Prices for boat cleaning services are normally done by the foot. The average cost to detail a boat can range anywhere from $8 to $40 per foot depending on its size and condition. Typically, the larger the boat, the higher the boat detailing cost will be.”

Pontoon detailing costs about the same as general boat cleaning.

This is not a quote. Call for a custom quote for your SUV, boat, truck, or RV. Contact for a quote for any other type of mobile auto detailing.


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